Playmill Program 2015

I ended up with some fun layouts with this year's Playmill program. I took a clean approach this year. Less texture with the circular bitmaps, and I think it really brought out the personality of Nicole's photographs (which were lovely, by the way).

Roger and Heidi are wonderful clients and good friends. Such a beautiful and inspirational family.

I really love Hollie's Illustration on the cover. I've pretty much learned how to paint in Photoshop through working with her over the years.

The expression in these photos just killed me ;)

All the Joy in the World...

All the world's happiness and joy crammed in a fifteen page pdf printable for Shelle Winkler's Pink Spoon. What's a 'pink spoon'? I'll tell you. It's a free publication that you receive when you subscribe to a newsletter.

Who Wouldn't Be Happy?

A fun flyer and facebook post I created for Shelle Winkler's 'Intention's of Joy' Beach Retreat. Shelle is a life coach. I have to say, this really made me miss the Oregon Coast!

Create a Life you LOVE with Jen!

Jen Trulson is a life coach and good friend. Here is a web header I whipped up for her. I think she just put it up today. What do you think? Does it convey all the softness, serenity and hope I was looking for? I hope so! ;)

But seriously, you should take a look at her lovely quotes whenever your soul needs a boost. It's always like a breath of fresh air to me.

Holiday catalog : My Magnum Opis

A few weeks ago I was looking through some old files and found this! Holy Cow. How is this not online anywhere? Behold, my precious. This piece features my skills in packaging, Art direction, Typography and Print. It was my baby, right before I had my baby ;)

In some ways, the best part of the process was the product photo shoot with Annette Slade, an amazing photographer and one of my favorite people. Those shots really made the book.

The Beginnings

A fun little poster I created just after graduation for a group art show featuring sculpture, photography, design, & etc. You can tell I just discovered live trace, but it's fun to see my typography roots and affinity for collage. I'd like to go back to school and spend a ridiculously large amounts of time on projects again. No budget constraints. Just. Be. Crazy. I miss that.

The Walrus and the Popsicle? A Creative Chair Up-cycle

What could be cooler than a chair upholstered with a wrinkled walrus fabric? A walrus and dancing popsicles! Thank you Lill for making this awesome set of chair cushions upholstered with my beautiful fabric pattern Lime Rickey. I want one ;)

Dear world, please make more stuff with my fabric. I love love love it. P.S. Don't forget to send photos.